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Projects for organizations with completed identities, for which I applied existing guidelines


Dr. Ehrenstorfer Cannabis Testing Campaign

Organization: LGC Standards (Dr. Ehrenstorfer brand)  //  Type: Corporation  //  Industry: Food & Beverage Testing

Project description: a growing component of the Dr. Ehrenstorfer business is in cannabis impurities testing. These are a variety of materials I designed (adhering to strict Dr. Ehrenstorfer brand guidelines) relating to the larger marketing campaign of promoting the brand’s cannabis-related standards. Mediums include advertisements (print, web & mobile), social media posts, catalog, and presentation.

Mikromol Customer Symposium

Organization: LGC Standards (Mikromol brand)  //  Type: Corporation  //  Industry: Pharmaceutical Testing

Project description: I organized an educational customer event for our pharmaceutical brand in June 2019. My supervisor and I led an extensive marketing campaign, for which we designed a wide array of print and digital materials, following the strict Mikromol brand guidelines provided by the Germany-based division. Materials included event printing (poster, certificate, survey), giveaways, presentation deck, and social media posts. 

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