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Projects for organizations with existing brand identities that I helped to refine or enhance

Organization: Save the Water  //  Type: Non-profit  //  Mission: Public water safety


Save the Water Marketing Materials

Project description: I began working with Save the Water in early 2020, and was the first graphic designer to start on their new marketing team. They recently acquired a new logo, but not a comprehensive set of brand guidelines. My first task was to redesign their existing marketing materials, and use this work to begin fleshing out the identity system. The brochure and flyer templates shown here were the first step in the process of defining their typography and color palette.

VHG Literature Launch & Content Promotion

Organization: LGC Standards (VHG brand)  //  Type: Corporation  //  Industry: Chemical testing laboratories

Project description: in a content-creation push to introduce VHG to the global market, I managed the update and design of a wide variety of literature materials. Working in close coordination with my marketing manager and division product manager, I lead the creation and design of VHG's newest catalog. I then handled the design of a series of brochures, product flyers, and technical papers, and coordinating HTML email campaigns. The VHG brand guidelines were still very new, so this work helped to finalize the print guidelines, as well as the color and style of imagery used to distinguish the organization's two product portfolios. 

Freedom Café Brand Development & Print Design

Organization: the Freedom Café  //  Status: Non-profit  //  Mission: Ending human trafficking

Project description: I volunteered at the Freedom Café designing a wide array of materials. My primary task was to refine their logo and create official brand guidelines to make it easier for future volunteers to provide more consistently branded creative work. After the guidelines were complete, I helped to solidify them by designing a variety of organizational and event pieces such as handouts, posters, and informational materials, that future volunteers would also be able to use as examples. 

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